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The price of a car, new or used, is almost always up for debate. If you put your negotiating skills to the test, you may be able to save some serious money when purchasing your used car.

Your number one ally at the negotiation table is information. Make sure you have a solid idea of the vehicle's general value, including:

The Blue Book value. The Kelley Blue Book is one of the most common references for used car values.

Prices of vehicles with similar:


Model years.


The specific price of the car will depend on other variables, like the condition the car is in and the vehicle's history.

Also ask if you can take the car for a test drive before making your final decision to buy it. This may reveal issues you may have with the vehicle that you can't discern from research alone.

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Buying from Dealers

There may be several different factors in play when you purchase a used car from a lot or dealership, as opposed to a personal sale. Dealers usually have more information about and experience in vehicle sales and will typically stick to a bottom line.

Dealerships will usually also consider other elements when in negotiations with you, such as:

A trade-in car, if you have one.

Down payments vs. monthly payments.

Auto warranties.

Typically, it's recommended to start the conversation with the total price you want to pay for the vehicle, rather than trying to figure out monthly payments off the bat.

Negotiating with a dealer can be difficult or intimidating, so make sure to read up on our guide to negotiating before making an offer on your used car.

Private Party Sales

Negotiating with a private seller may be easier than talking to a dealer about the price you want to pay for your used car. Typically, an individual will have less experience in selling vehicles and will likely be more eager to get rid of their auto.

Still, pursuing a private sale means you're much more likely to purchase the car “as is"—making you financially responsible for any and all problems with the vehicle, known and unknown. Check our guide to buying a car “as is" for tips on how to best deal with this situation.

Vehicle History Reports

No matter who you buy your used car from, it is a smart idea to ask for the vehicle's maintenance and crash history.

A vehicle history report will reveal many points about the car that could help you not only negotiate a fair price for the vehicle, but also make an informed decision on whether or not it's worth purchasing at all.

Vehicle history reports use the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) to turn up information about:

Lemon status.

Accident history.

Major repairs.

Lien and ownership history.

Warranties remaining on the car.

Mileage and miles per year.



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